this is a chill zone


BUNNIES have been bending minds with their highly conceptual musical odysseys since 2005 when they audaciously looked into the future and, completely shocked by what they saw, decided to sing about it in their very first adventure into the unknown, “Future Shock”. After an exciting tour opening for Pixies on the East Coast with their previous band left Jeremy and Jack with the urgent desire to dig deeper and explore their creative world, they got in a van, moved from central Pennsylvania to western Massachusetts, met their drummer/fellow visionary Matthew and formed BUNNIES. Together they have journeyed into uncharted territory, which can be dangerous, but they always have each other’s backs. They write and perform as a unified team, relying on each other for support through striking harmonies, unpredictable drum cues, analog synthesizer screeches, off-kilter guitar bursts, and foundational bass grooves. BUNNIES have three studio LP’s under their belts: 2008’s Music For Dinosaurs By Dinosaurs, produced by Roger Miller from Mission Of Burma; 2013’s performed-mostly-live Devoted To The Process Of Action, released on Frank Black’s The Bureau Records; and their most recent, most imaginative, most satisfying work to date, the multi-layered multiversal Transportation To Mind Transformation (2018). BUNNIES music is a foggy, proggy, uniquely psychedelic, eye-opening experience… On one hand, it’s sublimely composed and structurally sound; on the other hand, anything goes and could switch gears at any second when the listeners, and sometimes the band members themselves, least expect it. The current lineup of BUNNIES is Jeremy Macomber-Dubs on vocals and guitar, Jack Science on vocals and synths, Matthew Newman on drums, and Rebecca Macomber-Dubs on bass guitar.  Currently at work on writing material for a new album, BUNNIES are always looking ahead.