BUNNIES have been writing for the past few years (and also fighting off global ruin). As of Spring 2023 BUNNIES will resume playing shows. Please let us know if you are interested in having BUNNIES wreck something.


MAY 24th @ The Drake in Amherst MA w/ Les Derailleurs, Bugslam

June 30th @ Gateway City Arts in Holyoke MA w/ Spouse

Aug. 17th @ No Fun in Troy NY w/ Sapling

Aug. 18th @ Bellweather Record store in North Adams MA w/ Sapling

Aug. 19th @ Starlite Gallery and Bar in Southbridge MA w/ Sapling



A few past dates from before times.

Thur. April 5 @ Sierra Grille  Northampton, MA w/ Carinae, Pigeons

Sat. May 19th @ 13 Floor Lounge  Florence, MA w/ John Trudeau, Faces of Bayon, First Children

Sat. JAN 27 @ The Ohm  Easthampton, MA  w/ John Trudeau, Oroboro, The Immolators

Jan 30th @ The Advocate Northampton, MA  Video recording for  Advocate In Sessions

Sat. FEB 17 @ The Lowdown/Basement  Northampton, MA w/ Landowner, Footings



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